Paul Pope


An inkstuds that has been a long time coming, me and Paul Pope talk about comics, art and more. His new book is Battling Boy from First Second. Paul’s other work includes the important indie comic THB, as well as 100%, Heavy Liquid and Batman Year 100 from DC, and books like One Trick Rip Off and PulpHope. I didn’t get music from Paul in time for posting, so I book-ended the interview with a couple of tracks from the soundtrack to El Topo. It felt appropriate.

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  1. When the majority of comics podcasts devolve into discussions of current television shows and the phrases “elevator pitch”, “camera angle” and “acting” are attached to the comic books that do get mentioned it’s refreshing to hear a creator talk about the influence of music, as well as other comics, on their work.

    Very much looking forward to reading Battling Boy.

  2. gozertoast says:

    truly fantastic interview. thank you both.

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