Gabby Schulz Interviewed By Sean Ford


We’re back to talk to Gabby Schulz aka Ken Dahl, author of the collection WELCOME TO THE DAHL HOUSE published by Microcosm in 2007, the Ignatz award-winning book MONSTERS from Secret Acres in 2009, recently back in print in a handsome new edition, and SICK, out this month from Secret Acres.

SICK is the story of the author being laid down by an illness in his cramped Brooklyn apartment. The story begins as a Kafka-esque exploration of the trials and tribulations of trying to attain treatment without having the insurance or money to do so, but soon morphs into a brutally frank self-assessment of not only the narrator’s personal failures, but also the failures of predominantly white Western culture and the systems and structures we’re all beholden to and a part of.

There was a lot to talk about with this book and I thank Gabby for taking the time.

Full disclosure – Secret Acres also publishes my work and they paid me tens of dollars to give SICK a review through rose-colored lenses. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

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2 Responses to Gabby Schulz Interviewed By Sean Ford

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  2. Ant Volley says:

    One of the best autobio cartoonists of all time. Monsters was amazing but Sick was just something else, like a punch in the gut with a spiked knuckle duster. Amazing cartoonist, actually, fuck the “autobio” caveat Gabby Schulz=one of the GOAT.

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