Inkstuds on the Road – Part 3 Jordan Crane


Our first interview in Los Angeles found us making our way to the home of Jordan Crane. I’ve talked to Jordan a couple of times in the past and always enjoy the enthusiasm and energy he brings to the conversation. The anthology that he edited in the late 90/early 2000’s, Non, was a groundbreaking and important work, with the 5 book being a touchstone of things to come in comics. His current series for fantagraphics, Uptight continues his excellent comics stories. It’s been a number of years since his last issue, but he will have a new one out in the fall. Jordan also runs the excellent comics site, What Things Do, featuring many of my favorite cartoonists.


Promotional consideration for this interview courtesy of Cousin Harold Comics. Thanks for the support on the kickstarter!

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  1. Thanks for the Jordan Crane interview, Robin. The 50’s SF story Brandon mentions around the 1-hour mark is “Scanners Live In Vain” by Cordwainer Smith (pen name of Paul Linebarger). The full text is available at

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