Coloring Comics with Joseph Bergin III and Sloane Leong

Hey, I’m Sloane and I write, draw and color comics. You might have seen my work online or in a few Image series like Change, Glory or Prophet. Robin asked me to drop in and share my recent Comics Coloring Workshop that I held this past weekend at Stumptown Comics Festival here in Portland, OR.

Joseph Bergin III, colorist of Prophet and all around rad artist, was cool enough to come talk with me about comics we like and our personal approach to coloring comics in a way that compliments the art and adds another layer of narrative to the story.

You can find all the comic pages we talk about below and additional workshop notes here.

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3 Responses to Coloring Comics with Joseph Bergin III and Sloane Leong

  1. D says:

    Cool idea, guys. The examples you guys are speaking about are too small for me to register.

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