2012 Year-End Roundtable with Joe McCulloch, Bill Kartalopoulos and Tom Spurgeon

Chris Schweizer Team Cul de Sac

I was joined by Tom Spurgeon, Bill Kartalopoulos and Joe McCulloch to discuss a variety of comics from 2012. This survey is not a best of, but instead works that we wanted to cover for better or worst. There is some really great work in here, and some that may not be as good. Thanks to Tom, Bill and Joe for taking the time to join me. They are all stellar thinkers on comics that I am always happy to get the chance to hear from.

Here is the reading list –

Sakuran – Moyoko Anno
Chris Schweizer‘s contribution To Team Cul De Sac
Batgirl #15 – Gail Simone and Daniel Sampere
Journalism – Joe Sacco 
JonathanLeslie Stein
Young Albert – Yves Chaland
Annie Sullivan – Joe Lambert
Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred – Shaky Kane and David Hine
Heads or Tails РLilli Carr̩
Nonnonba – Shigeru Mizuki
Arsene Shrauwen – Olivier Schrauwen
Graphic Canon – ed. Russ Kick

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