April Daily Challenge Day 4

Here is a quicky review. I spent the day at the Emerald City Comicon and just got back home from the extended drive. When i got home, I read The Bun Field by Amanda Vahamaki published by those good folks at Drawn and Quarterly. It’s a great example of how some of a young cartoonist taking in some great avant-guard influences. The Bun Field is an odd surreal journey that explores some of the horrors in childhood imagination. Amanda’s style is kind  of like a less well crafted Renee French. She is able to explore an interesting dreamlike quality that feels like the inside of abandoned five year old consciousness. There are some interesting tricks used by Vahamaki, where she plays with the camera angels in a shot, jumping back and forth from the inside of characters head, and then watching the world that character is in an how it is effecting. I do think it is a neat read, but in all honesty, $12.95, its a little steep, and reads like the creator still has some work to do with her idea’s before it is completely realized.

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