Inkstuds Book Club Week 1 – Jason – Isle of 100,000 Graves – The Recording

Welcome to the inaugural Inkstuds Book Club. I was joined by seven enthusiastic comics folk for a discussion of Jason’s Isle of 100,000 Graves. This is the first time we have tried it out, and I think it worked out. Thanks to Michael, Brandon, Steve, Roman, Nolan, Chris and Andrew for taking part. I would like us to be able to continue the discussion of the book here.

If you had a chance to read it, please tell us what you think.

The next Book Club will be on July 2nd at noon pacific time. We will be discussing Frank Miller’s early work, Ronin.

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6 Responses to Inkstuds Book Club Week 1 – Jason – Isle of 100,000 Graves – The Recording

  1. CLC says:

    Got stuck on the G train – I’ll join y’all for Ronin next time, promise! Hope the Book Club was good 🙂

  2. NolanTJ says:

    I didn’t ask, and as the Jason “virgin” I should have– what would be the preferred starting point for his works according to those more experienced in his cartooning ways?

  3. andrew paris says:

    i dont dont know if theres a “best” jason to read first since it takes awhile to warm to his style. I would only say DONT read “shhhhh” first as its not the most indicative or fun. Personally, i read “The Living and the Dead” first and i became an instant fan.

  4. d_neufeld says:

    Not my favorite Jason work, but definitely good. I think I prefer him solo rather than collaborating. I agree with Deforge in that, Jason is off my radar until I’m reading one of his books. Then when I am, I always enjoy it. I love his simple style and his storytelling ability.

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