Colin's Inkstuds Comics Review Day #3, The Muppet Movie Comic Book

The Muppet Show Comic Book #2 Art and story by Roger Langridge
When the Muppets first appeared on Sesame Street I was too old to be enraptured by them as much as some people I know… a Robin of my acquaintance… no, another Robin… I say this only to point out that while I watched and enjoyed the original Muppet Show (the Spike Milligan episode was amazing) I wasn’t a devoted fan. However, I will pick up anything with Roger Langridge’s name on it. Langridge is top of my list of the great underrated comics artists, his work in Zoot! (along with his brother Andrew), Knuckles the Malevolent Nun and Fred the Clown display not only this Kiwi’s considerable skills as a cartoonist but his wonderfully strange sense of humour. This guy does funny! Which is hard! So, really, getting Roger Langridge to draw and write The Muppet Show Comic Book is an inspired choice, a match made in heaven. Because these are cartoons the faces are even more expressive than the original Muppets but otherwise he captures the goofy spirit of the original show nicely. The only drawback is while Roger Langridge is doing The Muppet Show Comic Book that means he is not doing his own stuff. If you can find it I heartily recommend Fred the Clown, a sad, funny, lyrical and heart warming silent comic. There, two reviews for the price of one.

Colin (My favourite Muppet was Animal… I drum now) Upton

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  1. Cupton says:

    Yes! ANIMAL! He was a Muppet I could relate too.

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