David Collier

In our continued look at Canadian cartoonists, David Collier joined us for our most Canadian show yet. David has creating some great biographies of folks in Canadian history. Ranging from his own grandfather to little known sports figures, he always goes beyond the duty in his research in creating some great comix. Joe Sacco, and Chris Ware both cite David as a big influence, and you can really see it when you sit down with his work.

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3 Responses to David Collier

  1. Adrian Hill says:

    What a great podcast. I found Portraits from Life in the library haphazardly, and am so glad that I came across Collier’s work. And as usual, hearing an Inkstuds podcast with the artist makes it that much better.


  2. God. What an incredible person.

  3. Adrian Hill says:

    –Just listened to this podcast again. It was just as good the second time, even after additionally reading a transcript of it in the Inkstuds book.

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