Comics Critic Round Table – Feb 2012 Edition

After having such a blast doing my year end review show with some fantastic critics of comics, I decided I want to try and do these more often. This episode serves as a bit of a pilot project, to see how many titles, take how much time. We came up with a relatively small list of work to discuss and ended up talking for nearly 3 hours. I really enjoyed this talk, and will be doing this again in the spring, hopefully with a couple more critics joining in.

Thanks to Joe McCulloch, Matt Seneca and Tucker Stone for all bring their best comics talk game to the table.

Books discussed

Joost SwarteIs That All There Is?

Milo Manara – Volumes 1 and 2 of new reprint library (Indian Summer, El Gaucho, and more)

Marti – The Cabbie

Extreme Relaunch – Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell‘s Glory and Brandon Graham and Simon Roy‘s Prophet

Ryan Cecil Smith – SF Supplementary File 2 a,b and c

George HerrimanKrazy Kat

And lastly – an odd discussion of 2000ad

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