Deb Aoki Hosted Special Mangastuds!

Today’s episode of Inkstuds takes a detour East, with a chat about Japanese manga for indie comics readers with your guest host, Deb Aoki, Manga Editor for ( and special guests:

Chris Butcher, manager of The Beguiling, comics blogger ( and co-founder of the Toronto Comics Arts Festival.

David P. Welsh, manga and comics blogger at The Manga Curmudgeon, and former columnist for Flipped!, a weekly feature on Japanese comics for The Comics Reporter.

Ryan Sands, indie/horror manga and comics blogger at Same Hat!, editor of Electric Ant Zine and translator/editor for Tokyo Zombie by Yusaku Hanakuma and the upcoming The Strange Tale of Panorama Island by Suehiro Maruo, both from Last Gasp.

Our chat delves into alternative manga past and present, including VIZ Media’s “too hip for the room” anthology magazine PULP and their online alt-manga website,, eclectic anthologies like Comics Underground Japan, Secret Comics Japan and the upcoming AX: A Collection of Alternative Manga from Top Shelf. We also talk about must-read manga beyond Tezuka, Tatsumi and Urasawa, and why 2010 is a great time to sample Japanese comics that goes beyond what you might think manga can be.


We talk about a LOT of manga in this episode of Inkstuds, so to make it easier to check out the titles we mentioned, here they are, presented in the order that we discussed them. Some older titles are out of print, and are notated by (OOP).

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2 Responses to Deb Aoki Hosted Special Mangastuds!

  1. From the 1st episode to today has to handle a fair chunk of time. I can’t recall if the time has ever been formally declared, but considering the age Ed is at it’s to be anticipated that he might do a fair bit of evolving. In regards to Mustang, I seem to too recall him preparing a speech about being able to protect foot soldiers, and then running on about how that entailed the single means to look out for everyone was to take it to the summit. I don’t recollect for certain whether this existed in the manga as well. But since the anime hasn’t added all that very much recent material, I suspect that this scene probably started there as well.

  2. Not a Jellyfish says:

    Surprised it wasn’t mentioned, but among the classic indie manga anthologies is also Sake Jock, brought to us by Fantagraphics. It’s a slim volume but features mostly Garo authors as well as some whose works may be known to D&Q and Fanfare fans.

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