Neal Adams

Don and I interviewed Neal Adams, artist of the ground breaking Green Lantern/Green Arrow series, and also the man that made batman dark and interesting. Neal has a long time history of commitment to creators rights at time when creators rights weren’t an option. The quality of recording on this episode isn’t the greatest, but Neal is a hell of a talker.

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  1. NoSeRider says:

    I don’t buy the planet growing theory…particularly when you can find trilobites in the Himalayan mountains or evidence of tropical forests in the middle of Antarctica….all of which verifies plate tectonics. You guys didn’t have the cahonees, or the knowledge, to call him on it.

    I think Neal Adams strengths are his determination….but you can develop tunnel vision if you only look for evidence that supports ‘your’ point of view, which in his case is probably a good thing.

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