Inkstuds Mixtape Vol 12 Jeffrey Brown


Many thanks to Jeffrey Brown for putting together not only a fine mix, but also for providing an awesome comic to go along with it. The mix really reflects his own work in a nice way. Here is a link to the art at full size.

1. “Come On Petunia” The Blow, from Poor Aim
2. “Not On Top” Herman Dune, from Not On Top
3. “Superabound” Frank Black, from Teenager of the Year
4. “Commander Thinks Aloud” The Long Winters, from Ultimatum
5. “Bathroom Floor” Smog, from Wild Love
6. “When I’m Dead” Quasi, from R & B Transmorgrification
7. “You Broke My Heart” Lavender Diamond, from Calvary of Light
8. “Park Song” Dodos, from Visiter
9. “Passenger Seat” Death Cab For Cutie, from Transatlanticism
10. “I Felt Your Shape” The Microphones, from The Glow Pt.2
11. “MMV” The New Year, from The New Year
12. “It’s Made Me Cry” Magnolia Electric Co., from It’s Made Me Cry
13. “Stork & Owl” TV On The Radio, from Dear Science
14. “Pastry Sharp” Califone, from Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People
15. “Around The Horn” Souled American, from Around The Horn
16. “Tremola Debut” Broken Social Scene, from Broken Social Scene
17. “It’s All Gonna Break” Broken Social Scene, from Broken Social Scene
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One Response to Inkstuds Mixtape Vol 12 Jeffrey Brown

  1. darrylayo says:

    Jeffrey Brown just upped the ante for the mixtape project. I see what you did there, sir.

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