Inkstuds on the Road – Part 20 Prophet Roundtable


Disclosure, this inkstuds maybe a little self serving, because it promotes the work of Brandon Graham and friends while Brandon has also been my cohost on the Inkstuds Roadtrip.


I’m a big fan of the work that Brandon, Simon Roy, Giannis Milogiannis, Farel Dalrymple and Joseph Bergin III have done on the Prophet comic. It’s a great series pushing some great story telling ideas in a forward looking style. I’m a big fan of what they are doing and happy to talk about it. On top of being a great cohost, Brandon Graham is doing some of the most exciting comics right now, so it’s always good to have a guy like that on the other side of the mic too.


This Inkstuds was sponsored by Stuff Said.

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