James Kirkpatrick and Jamie Q

Dusty Peas aka Jamie Q and James Kirkpatrick are in town for an art show they are putting together at Lucky’s Comics this weekend. There collaborative work kind of falls into a style that i have a lot of love for. It was excellent to talk to both of them together about process, collaboration and more.

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  2. ddd says:

    cool. Btw maybe it would be interesting to interview Blais Lairmee. He seems to have weird ideas about comics and I think itd be cool to hear him talking about em

  3. Pat Grant says:

    Ahoy Mr McConnell

    I wish I could come to see that show but it’s a bit of a long bike ride from Melbo’s.

    I was interested in the stuff James was saying about his background in graffiti art. Maybe that’d be a cool idea for a radio show. You could get some people who came to comics through street art. I know a few in Melbourne so there must be a few around in North Amerikee. I always thought that the two artistic disciplines were sort of similar, or at least, seem to come about from a similar mixture of childhood experiences and weird artistic compulsiveness.

    Just a thought. May or may not be worthy of indulgence.


  4. Lucas Fehr says:


    I have that book. After listening to hundreds of hours of Ink Studs this summer (after meeting you and Brandon in Vancouver last April, I was pretty stoked to see that you interviewed by buddy Jamie Q. What a wealth of awesome the Ink Studs archives are turning out to be. Thanks Robin.

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