Jeet Heer and Dr Paul Stanwood Discussing Genesis

Inkstuds regular Jeet Heer and UBC English Professor Paul Stanwood, joined me for a discussion of Robert Crumb’s adaptation of the Book of Genesis. Each of the guests bring a unique expertise to the table that really adds to an understanding of the work. Here are some more comments from Jeet in regards to the work here and here.

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  3. JTW says:

    Crumb is generally a compelling author and artist, reading his stuff from the past to the present you can really see how he’s matured over the years, he is over 60! but I am glad he still holds on to his the wit and sarcasm of his younger years. If there was ever a comic book genius of the 20th century to note of, it is Crumb!

  4. This is not Robert’s first effort in this arena. He satired a comic I did several years ago and in effect, preached the gospel very well in his satire of my comic subject matter. It was published in Zap number 10 and we got permission to re print it with my own comic in Safe Comix number 1. It was very powerful in that it changed the course of the lives of several people including myself, in the 1980’s.
    The Book of Genesis by Robert Crumb, iwill probably have a greater impact on our culture than we can realize at this point and I would go so far as to say that it will change the way we will view the Torah, or Holy Scriptures for all time. Of course, that is just my opinion

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