Liz Suburbia interviewed by Katie Skelly

sacred heart

This special episode of Inkstuds is hosted by Katie Skelly. Because of the support through the Inkstuds Patreon, I am able to bring on some excellent guests hosts. I am really happy to have Katie taking part. I am a big fan of both Katie’s work and her guest for this week, Liz Suburbia.

Liz’s new book is a collection of her long running webcomic, Sacred Heart. Published by Fantagraphics, Sacred Heart is a great look at exploring teen relationships on different levels. Liz has a natural flair for full realized characters and is a book well worth checking out.

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3 Responses to Liz Suburbia interviewed by Katie Skelly

  1. ospik says:

    First song please?
    What about posting playlists from interviews?

  2. matt says:

    great idea ^^
    Whats the last song too?

  3. Tommy Dub says:

    The Priests – Modern Love/No Weapon
    Hole – Pretty on the Inside

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