Noah Van Sciver and Seth


Photo by Whit Spurgeon

My second interview at CXC in Columbus was a conversation between Noah Van Sciver and Seth. It was a blast to do. We threw it together last minute at the end of the day on saturday. It was neat to bring these 2 great talents into a room together. You can tell a lot of these seasoned comics vets have a lot of respect admiration for Noah and it comes through in this. Noah’s latest work is Blammo 9 and Disquiet. You can find the documentary, Seth’s Dominion from the National Film Board on the site for his publisher, Drawn and Quarterly.

We had a lot of folks coming by to check out what was going on. it would be neat to do something like this at a con where folks can listen or watch from another room, but not by on display like panel. I like this dynamic much more. it felt free and comfortable.

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2 Responses to Noah Van Sciver and Seth

  1. Lucius Wisniewski says:

    Great conversation! Thanks!

  2. Troy Nixey says:

    Another great interview Robin. And I can assure Noah that there are artists of his generation who are big fans of Eisner. 😉

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