As most of the world knows, the Olympics start in two greuling weeks. Travelling within Vancouver is going to be an unheard of hell, with much of the city locked off like some kind of terrible version of Escape from New York. With the upcoming madness, I have decided to take a little ‘studs break for the last two weeks of February. I am a little overwhelmed right now with work, school(finally finishing in August), The inkstuds book, which i will need to sit down and read well over 300 pages of and edit and plan out artwork.

I do have show’s planned out for the next couple of weeks, but after that, I need to shift gears temporarily and hopefully return renewed.

So, during the break, what to do? Christopher Butcher had the great suggestion of fill-ins. If you are interested in doing a fill-in, shoot me an email with a proposal. You can find me at inkstuds@inkstuds.com or on the old twitter that everyone seems to love @inkstuds.

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