Photo Dump

I took some photos at TCAF and when John Porcellino and Noah Van Sciver were in Vancouver. Here is some photos documenting some fun. Please excuse the quality on some of these, they were taken in a dark bar, and I had some drinks in me.

Here’s some post Wright Awards revelry. Notice the back of Dan Clowes head! That man makes great comix.

Look, its Wright Awards organizer, Brad Mackay, and former Vancouverite performer, Robert Dayton. He interviewed Kim Deitch with me many moons ago, as well as joining in on the TCAF panel last year.

Matt Forsythe and Michael DeForge. I probably both of them money or something.

That there be Joe Ollmann. He has a book coming out from Drawn & Quarterly at some point soon. It sounds excellent, but then again, when have you heard about a book from D&Q not being excellent. You can see Petey Thompson and Keith Jones in the background. I like those guys.

This about 15 minutes after I finally met Evan Dorkin for the first time. He proceeded to spend the next hour telling me everything wrong with me. I only cried a little. Also in photo, Jim Woodring and Dave Lapp.

I interviewed Ho Che Anderson while in Toronto for TCAF. It was an amazing conversation, and then I noticed that the recorder wasn’t taping us. Thanks technology.

Inkstuds friend Jeet Heer and Drawn! contributor, Jaleen Grove check out an original Russell Patterson page. It was pretty sweet. Both of them have been very helpful with the Inkstuds book, with Jeet providing an amazing introduction and Jaleen taking a stab at some proof reading support. Thanks to both!

My first time listed as a guest at a comic convention. I think I sold one shirt, but gave away all my promo material.

Look! It’s me and Noah and John P! Don’t they look excited!

Noah wanted to take this photo at Luckys before they did their reading.

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4 Responses to Photo Dump

  1. CLC says:

    Your site is alive again! 😀 I am so goddamn happy.
    Looking at these pics makes me want a beer too.

  2. David Gale says:

    Ever plan on interviewing Jim Woodring?

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