Islands Fold

Luke Ramsey and Jim Stoten joined us to talk about comix art and fun. Jim is a cartoonist from England that has come to town to partake in Luke’s artist residency project on Pender Island. They are both super talented artist and are doing some really nice looking work. Check out Luke’s ongoing collaborations at the Islands Fold site.

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  1. Sid Clark says:

    another “no file” error. actually, the whole error message reads “B No File”, for what that’s worth. I’m using Google Chrome to download.

    I’m basically listening to all these interviews. I enjoy them a lot. thanks for putting on this show and thanks for posting these audio-archive/podcast thingies. I’m down to the J’s at this point, listening-wise. that David Collier guy sounds great. I love wilderness stuff. his voice sounds like his accent is heavily influenced by half-breed Indians, and I admire that. Ed Piskor was way cool to listen to.

    you’ve mentioned this several times on air, so: that “Legion of Charlies” comic wasn’t that great, in my opinion. I bought it back in the day. I’ve been reading comics off and on since ’71. I can’t go for most comics because the art tends to be too crude and slapdash compared with Crumb and S. Clay Wilson. the art has to be worth looking at for it’s own sake irrespective of any text or narrative. the art should be complex enough that each panel tells a story by itself. I don’t like the Ramones, music-wise, for similar reasons.

    you should interview Ryan Vella and Stu Stratu from Australia. and Marcel Ruijters from the Netherlands.

    you’re great!

    • Inkstuds says:

      Thanks Sid. i appreciate this. keep in mind, most of the shows from the last 2 years are not listed on the side yet. i need to spend a day working on that.

  2. Sid Clark says:

    I don’t understand. If they’re not listed on the side then I wouldn’t know about them. I live in WV, USA, and I just started listening to this show a couple weeks ago, strictly on the Internet, just the archived ones.

    Anyway, thanks for the great work.

    • Inkstuds says:

      It’s a matter of me having the time to list them. it is a very laborious and tedious routine. i would suggest going through the pages starting at the front and going back.

  3. Sid Clark says:

    What or where is “the front”?

    So when I find empty files that’s because they’re recent ones you haven’t gotten around to posting yet? Should I not leave comments about them? I don’t want to be a nuisance.

    • Inkstuds says:

      by front, i mean the main page when you go, and just work your way back through the blog.

      There are upwards of 450 inkstuds interviews, and several site movents in the last 7 years, so sometimes files name change in one spot but don’t in another and that is usually what happens with the missing audio.

      Glad you are enjoying them!

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