Ryan Sands

Ryan Sands is one of the most progressive indy comics publisher’s going right now. In his anthology, the Thickness, co-edited with Michael Deforge, they have brought together some of the most vital cartoonists and some of their most personal and forward thinking work, all in the pages of a porn comic. The 3rd issue will be debuting this week, and will be well worth checking out.

I am always happy to talk comics with Ryan and appreciative of him to take the time to chat with me during his busy printing schedule.

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7 Responses to Ryan Sands

  1. ryan says:

    the jams (for those interested!)
    1) Cosmetics – Soft Skin
    2) Ice Cream Shout – Tattooed Tears
    3) MYTHS – Deadlights

  2. Graham says:

    Great interview.

    Ryan, I think the first song is “Black Leather Glove”, still by Cosmetics though.

  3. ryan says:

    Ah yes, good call Graham! Both songs are on the same amazing 7″ and a constant staple of my home: http://cosmeticscosmeticscosmetics.bandcamp.com/track/black-leather-gloves

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