Sam Alden


Portland cartoonist, Sam Alden, joined me to talk about his ongoing comic series, Eighth Grade and Haunter(featured on the excellent Study Group Comics website). Sam is a relatively young creator who is already make some fantastic work that shows a lot of heart and creativity.

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  1. paolo maneli says:

    awesome interview. really makes me want to draw more often.

  2. Sam Alden says:

    The intro song is Seattle Party by Chastity Belt
    The next song is Scream by Dude York
    The next song is Portrait by David Kanaga
    The outro song is Goin’ Nowhere Fast by teenage Beck

  3. Wow teenage Beck sounds like a refined Daniel Johnston.

    I enjoyed this. I didn’t know much about Sam’s work going in–but it was still pretty cool. I have the same feelings about middle school compared to high school and college. Middle school was when the bulk of the things I think about happened.

    Also enjoying this Haunter comic on studygroup.

  4. hawaii 1977 is one of the greats works, so inspired by this

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