Stuart Hample

Stuart passed away earlier this week. I really enjoyed doing this interview last year, and it was probably one of my favorites of all time.

Stuart Hample joined me for an entertaining conversation about his new collection of Woody Allen comic strips and his own personal history in cartooning, including some great stories about Al Capp.

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8 Responses to Stuart Hample

  1. carrie says:

    “Did you invent that site? I love it.”

    Me too!

  2. Lucius W says:

    I have a collection of Li’l Abner comics with an introduction by John Steinbeck, so it’s kind of crazy to hear about that affair!

  3. Z.B.H. says:

    Great interview. Great insights. Thank you both.

  4. Ryan Cecil says:

    Man this was a fun interview. Where did the music come from??

  5. Ryan Cecil says:

    Please interview more old people!

  6. inkstuds says:

    the first 2 tracks are the original Spike Jones and the last was tea for two by Harpo Marx.

  7. Brandon Graham says:

    I got to this tonight.
    Awesome interview.
    possibly my favorite inkstuds ever.
    It’s great hearing about Al Capp and that Kelly anecdote
    was fantastic.

    I’m with Mr Cecil on having more gruff old comic vets on.

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