T. Edward Bak

T. Edward Bak’s Service industry is high on my list of comics that you haven’t read yet, but really should. Since putting that out, he has a great ongoing story begining in Mome 15, Drawn and Quarterly Showcase 5 and the great anthology, Orchid(worth picking up just for Lasky’s adaptation of the Raven alone). He also did a couple of great pieces that are on the National Geographic site from his trip to Alaska.

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  2. Sid Clark says:

    that sure is a sweet, rockin’ organ tune at the end of this show. sure would be nice to know who and what it was. I’d Google-search for the lyrics but I can’t quite make out what they are.

    anyway, this Bak guy was pretty fun to listen to, kinda all breathless and rushed in his enthusiasm. sounded a little like Al Columbia but without the defensiveness.

    it was great to hear him gush about wild nature AKA the Living World up in Alaska.

    it was also interesting to hear him talk about White River Jct., VT, and Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. I grew up in the upper Connecticut valley and these are my old stomping grounds. WRJ was always thought of as a run-down little working-class town when I was a kid. Dartmouth may be a fun place to visit for a tourist like Bak but believe me it exercises quite a malign influence on the surrounding area with it’s ivory tower superiority looking down its nose on the pathetic hillbilly locals.

    that comic book school in WRJ is an amazing development. can’t help but wonder why it was located there. it must be the proximity to Dartmouth. I read that “Golem’s Mighty Swing” thing by one of the founders and it was not that good, I have to say. anyway, it’s better for the local economy than having a prison built there, I suppose.

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