Tom Ellard


Tom Ellard is the main mind behind Australian music project, Severed Heads. Their work in the early 80’s was well ahead of the curve for electronic music. Albums like Since the Accident have aged quite nicely 30 years later. This interview was conducted last year in advance of a north american tour.

I recorded this interview last summer. I had lofty ambitions of doing a podcast interviewing experimental musicians. It’s still something I would love to do, but just honestly don’t have the time. Preparing for this interview was really challenging, listening a whole lot of music and reading what i could to some up for podcast conversation. I am so used to my comics interviews, that a music interview is a whole different part of the brain that I haven’t exercised. I doubt this is anywhere near to one of my finest interviews, but it’s still interesting in some aspects. I felt pretty defeated by it though. I could that Ellard did not get much out of it as being a guest. I was supposed to follow up to continue the conversation, but honestly didn’t see a point. So here is a fragment conversation. This was to originally run in Island Magazine, but that fell through.

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