Word on the Street

On Sunday at noon, I will be hosting a panel at Word On the Street in Vancouver at the main branch of the library.

“Join Dryshave and Wombat cartoonist Rod Filbrandt, Clip ‘n’ Save cartoonist Robin Konstabaris, King City creator Brandon Graham and editorial caroonist Dan Murphy, for a chat moderated by Inkstuds Radio host, Robin McConnell, about how humour works in comics, graphic novels, and more. What makes something funny and where does the funny come from?”

Please come and check it out if you can.

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  1. vollsticks says:

    Hey Robin–I love the show so much! Just going through the archive and listened to the James Sturm interview where he talks about Satchel Paige and it got me to thinking–how about a Rich Tommasso interview? That guy is so under-rated!”8 1/2 Ghosts” was a great comic and he’s got lots more good work…fuck all that noise about him being a Clowes copyist or whatever, he’s got his own thing going, totally. Anyhow, just a suggestion, Robin. thanks again for your great programme!

    All the best from the UK,


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