Hello Inkstuds fans and pervy googlers,

My name is Carrie and I’ve been interested in comics since my teenage-rage zine reading days when I read a black and white, copier-smudged tale about a nicotine-starved bunny with itchy fists named “I” and “D.” Since moving to New York my interest has grown into a sweet, borderline-shameful love for the form. A few years ago I started writing about comics and more at try harder and have published reviews on a variety of sites.

Recently, Robin contacted me about writing comic reviews for Inkstuds. Surprise! I am grateful to inkstuds for getting me through the hellish summer of 2008—two jobs a day, no natural light—by offering great interviews with comics creators, no eyestrain required. Now that my perma-headache and tingly butt have gone the way of short-shorts and mosquito bites, I enjoy Robin’s work even more.

Anyway, my job here will be to, twice a month or so, review comics of the small press/ indie/ mini variety. Got something you think I should see? Drop me a copy at:

Carrie Try Harder
New York, NY

or send me an email:

So, what’s the best thing you’ve read recently?

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