April Daily Challenge Day 15

Ok, I don’t really get Laugh Out Loud Cats. As a part of Abrams Comic Arts line, you would think this book would have more of a critical appeal. Other books in this line include the Jack Kirby art book, as well the upcoming Harvey Kurtzman and Jaime Hernandez books which both sound amazing. The concept behind Laugh Out Loud Cats is a mix between early 20th century comics using the phrasing of LOL Catz. It basically takes a kind of cute internet concept and makes an ongoing one panel gag strip that seems to never end – Hobo cats saying stupid things in odd situations. Sure it’s cute and funny a couple of times, but a whole book, why? Maybe get this book if you want some stupid bathroom reading, but I really hope Abrams avoids doing too many of these things. I guess my main problem is that I am not huge on strip comics and like something like Krazy Kat because of the dynamic art that pushed new barriers and levels. This strip just recycles a bunch of different concepts into one package.

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