I got the chance to interview French cartoonist Boulet and was very excited for the chance. His blog is like comics from another world. He is extremely prolific, creating some wonderfully beautiful work. His only printed work in English, is a volume of the Dungeon series, Zenith 3: Back In Style.

His 24 hour comic The Darkness, was an example of his quick skill, impressing both cartoonists and readers quite substantively. Thanks to Sarah Glidden for helping to set this up.

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  1. Boulet says:

    Thanks Robin! 🙂
    Just for the mentions: the first song is by “Les Chauds Lapins”, a great group from Brooklyn, and the second one is by “Inglenook”, a group from France!

  2. Dam says:

    Missing a ‘:’ in the url of h eenglish version of boulet site.

  3. Tina says:

    I so hope that more attention on Boulet’s work on the anglophone side of the comics-world is going to lead to more translations of his stuff available. His webcomic moves from beautiful to hilarious to thought-provoking with nimble ease! I would love if “Notes” came over! Plus, even just visually Ragnarok is enticing – I would love to read it. Someone needs to get on this!

  4. LoonAtic says:

    Thanx for an interview in english with my fav cartoonist, as I unfortunately don’t understand french … interesting and funny

  5. luxsword says:

    The last song is so beautiful !

  6. Laura Jefferson says:

    If you click on the English versions of his comics you are taken to the French originals. If you’re like me and have some French and want more, it’s great fun.

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