Brian Chippendale

Fort Thunder alum, Brian Chippendale joins me for lengthy talk about his comics (Maggots, Ninja, Galacticrap, Puke Force and the brand new If-n-Oof), music (Lightning Bolt and Black Pus) and art. Brian is in a dog park while we did the interview, so expect some odd interludes.

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7 Responses to Brian Chippendale

  1. Jus Flavor says:

    thanks for this, Inkstuds. i just messed my pants

  2. Jus Flavor says:

    expect the dry cleaning bill in your mailbox

  3. Tenks says:

    I iz sad or somehting

    I dont h8 u brian

  4. Berry Blend says:

    Bri-Chipps is the best
    Head ‘n’ shoulders
    o’er the rest

    My name is Celeste
    Please take off mah dress

    <3 u both, Mr. Stud and Mr. Chippendales

  5. James says:

    what songs are playing between the interviews?

    • Inkstuds says:

      Here is what Brian choose
      “New Day Rising” Husker Du
      “Reign in Blood” Slayer
      “Cantina Song from Star Wars soundtrack”
      “No hey…” Harry Pussy
      “Too Much Honky Tonking” Indian Jewelry
      “Streetsweeper” Unsane

  6. Sid Clark says:

    wicked good one! best one yet!

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