Comics as a Form of Media

This weeks Inkstuds is a little different. I put together an audio documentary as a project for school on the history of media. As you can no doubt guess, my interest is in comics and I try to do as many of my papers as possible on some kind of topic that has to do with comics.  This project is an audio documentary that looks at comics as a form of media in itself. I was lucky to get some really great guests that allowed me to subject them to my somewhat pedestrian questions.

Where do the roots of comics stand in regards to other forms of media?
How do comics work?
What were the strengths of early comics/weaknesses?
Was there a central use for comics?
How did that change with time?
How do modern comics compare with early examples? Is it a continuation?
When looking at the Mohamed comics controversy, is that an isolated incident, or does it hold a place in the greater scope of the medium?
Where does Werthams studies on juvenile delinquency belong in the development of the medium?

I will be posting the full interviews over the coming week, at a rate of one a day. The guests featured in this documentary include:

Jeet Heer – Co-Editor of A Comic Studies Reader, as well as countless articles about comics and introductions to collections like Krazy Kat and Walt and Skeezix.

Tom Spurgeon – His blog, is a resource that is respected across the comics industry for Tom’s journalistic integrity and in-depth coverage.

Matt Madden – Co-Author of Drawing Words and Writing Pictures and teaches cartooning at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Eddie Campbell – Cartoonist behind works like Alec, Bacchus, From Hell, Fate of the Artist and much more.

Scott McCloud – Author of Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics and Making Comics.

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    the “bay youth” tapestry? lol!

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