Dustin Harbin

Dustin Harbin has made a couple of appearances on the studs, but this time, we talk about his favorite thing, Dustin Harbin (I don’t know for a fact that Dustin’s favorite thing is himself, infact, I am probably completely wrong). Dustin’s new book is his first Diary collection from the wonderful Koyama Press as well as a plethora of work to check out on his site.

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  1. Tom Scioli says:

    Dustin’s work is interesting to me because usually you see new voices in comics from a distance. You see early work that’s not quite there, getting better over time. That wasn’t the case with Dustin. He seemed to come out of nowhere, fully formed, doing really accomplished work. Hearing that he only started doing comics in the mid-2000’s is surprising.

  2. I think that’s the first Paul Pope impersonation I’ve ever heard. Not horrible. Funny.

    I hope that if the diary comics stop that Dustin replaces them with something else. If he stops then the “webcomics” I read daily will drop from like, three to two.

  3. Looka says:

    Dustin is a hard at work doing sweet stuff in full speed, but he sure took his time showing up in full force here 🙂 Way to go Dustin, you awesome.

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