So Stumptown was a month ago, and I am slacking off on saying what I thought about it.

I had lots of fun, I bought some great comix. The Papercutter anthology being the top of the list. In lew of me getting off of my ass and having time to right about the comix, here is a selection of photos of fun.

The first night, we didn’t get in until after midnight, so we missed the comic reading at an awesome comic store, Guapo. If you go to Portland, make sure you check out Guapo.
Here is my first drink of the weekend, a nice full glass of Knob Creek Bourbon.


I was happy to finally meet Mr. Al Columbia, and be able to get a pretty awesome print of his from the Floating World table (and right now, they have an art show of Farel Dalrymple and Kaz Strzepek 2 of my fav artists).

Me and the boyz, went to go see Fox Hollow performing at the Tonic lounge, trashy venue, just how I like it. They were some pretty good poppy fun, look forward to me playing some on the old Inkstuds show.


Some of favourite cartoonists were there, and luckily I got a shot of them together. Pete, Joe and Al.


All and all, I had an awesome time. Iwill def be going next year. –Here’s a shot of drunk Mike Mhyre and Steve Lecouilliard, they are great travelling homies. mike-and-steve.jpg

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