Horror Hangover Art Show – A Report

At the end of the Summer, I was asked by Chris Bentzen, if I wanted to do an art show at his new gallery space, Hot Art Wet City. It had been almost 5 years since I had last done an art show. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. But since it had been so long. I thought I would give it a shot and do it again. I had a concept that popped into my head called A Horror Hangover. Since the show was going to be in late November, I was missing out on something Halloweeny. I thought with an open concept there would be a lot of room for folks to play in what they came up with. The idea, was to think of something horrible, and picture what happened afterwards. I want the show to be diverse and eclectic, with cartoonists from a number of different back grounds and styles. I was really blown away by the response of folks that wanted to be involved. Special thanks go out to Daniel Giantomaso, Robin Bougie and Rebecca Dart for helping me hang, and to Max Clotfelter for bringing a group of fine Seattlites together. And thanks to everyone that came out to the show. It was a blast!!!

One of the things I wanted to do with the show, was have a zine that collected the work, since it would only be up for 2 days and there was a lot of amazing work. I will only be making 100 of them. They are going to be 8 and a half by 11 with a mix of colour and black and white pages, depending on the work. If you are interested in getting the zine, you can purchase it here. It is $10 plus shipping.

The artists include Keith Jones, Marc Palm, James Stanton, Aidan Fitzgerald, Tom Van Deusen, Ben Horak, Max Clotfelter, Roman Muradov, Gabby Schulz, Malachi Ward, Jim Rugg, Joel Rich, Lale Westvind, Charmaine Verhagen, Sean Esty, Brian Fukushima, White Swallows (Daniel Giantomaso & Morgan Spry-Young), Josh Bayer, Sean Ford, Robert Dayton, Jordyn Bochon, Tracy Widdess, Jen Vaughn, August Lipp, Michael Deforge, Aidan Koch, Sophie Franz, Luke Ramsey, Bald Eagles, Betty Liang, Al Columbia, Tim Root, Jason T Miles, Rebecca Dart, Kaz Strzepek and Tin Can Forest aka Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek

And now, on to the art. Many of the pieces are still available for sale. The ones that are available, will have paypal buttons. All art is $100. All the work is hung with earth magnest, not pinned. In case you were worried I put holes through the art!

Ben Horak – Down Will Fall Baby


Marc Palm – Indigestable (sic)

James Stanton – Gnartoons

Aidan Koch – Brick Wall


Tim Root – Worth Tha Fun

Luke Ramsey – The Tourist

Max Clotfelter – Smasher B. Durand

Lale Westvind – PAM/SMETH

Tom Van Deusen – Drunk

Tracy Widdess – Petra

Rebecca Dart – Three Titans

Betty Liang – Runner Up

Sophie Franz – Aftermare

Malachi Ward – Carrie At the Laundromat – The art did not show up on time for this, so I hung print. Art was sold even without having it there.

Charmaine Verhagen – You Never Paid Attention to Me


Sean Ford – Dogs

Al Columbia – Flesh Eaters

Jordyn Bochon – After Everyone Is Plant Food

Sean Esty – Expunged


Jim Rugg – Hannie Caulder

Aidan Fitzgerald – La Machina

Jen Vaughn – Without Harmony – The art did not show up in the mail on time, so I put up a print – original showed up a week later and is available for purchase.

Michael Deforge – drawing from the movie Safe by Todd Haynes

Bald Eagles – The art did not show up in the mail on time, so I put up prints - originals showed up a week later and are available for purchase.
Top – ABE blur Linky – SOLD

Bottom – JFK ASSASS939

Josh Bayer – dual thing

Keith Jones – untitled

White Swallows (Daniel Giantomaso & Morgan Spry-Young) – Il Serpente ed il Vetro Rotto

Top Kaz Strzepek – Untitled

Bottom – Robert Dayton – Untitled

August Lipp – Raw Batter

Brian Fukushima – The Camp

Gabby Schulz – Summerville, WV

Roman Muradov – Funny Faminals

Jason T Miles – Corridor

Right – Marek Colek – The Salting Of Sacrament At The Precipice Of Transcendence

Left – Pat Shewchuk – Post- Apocalypse Rushnik

Joel Rich – Brood, mother and father – Joel was late to the space with his art, so i didn’t get a photo of it when hung


and now for some photos of the space and evening






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