Inkstuds Mixtape Vol 24 Michael Deforge – Leather Space Mix


It’s been quite a while since I have posted a mixtape. These are a lot of fun to do, but a bit of work to put together. Michael Deforge posted about a mix he made for one of his comics, and I offered to cobble it together and throw up here. If you look at the other mixes, you will see that he did a pretty stellar mix a couple of years ago, and I am happy to have him back.

Enjoy the Leather Space Mix and read the Leather Space Men

Track list:

1) Lushus Daim and the Pretty Vain – The One You Love
2) Cherrelle – The Opening
3) Cherrelle – You Look Good To Me
4) Krystol – You Ask Too Much
5) Cinema – Ribbon Street
6) Exotic Storm – I’ve Got To Be Your Lover
7) The System – Now I Am Electric
8) General Caine – Ooh Aah
9) Klymaxx – Video Kid
10) Alexander O’Neal – Fake
11) The Girls – My Man
12) La La – I’ve Got A Thing For You (Extended Remix)
13) Tease – Bite
14) Mtume – I Simply Like
15 – The System – Nighttime Lover
16) Andre Cymone – Voice on the Radio
17) Sumy – Bitch, We Danced A Lot
18) Cinema – New Girl Now

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One Response to Inkstuds Mixtape Vol 24 Michael Deforge – Leather Space Mix

  1. C. Bottomley says:

    Track 10 is all I need to know. This should be legendary. Almost makes up for the shit you and your guests poured on Peter Cetera all those years ago.

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