James Stokoe

I sat down for chicken and donuts with my favorite drawer of gronch, Mr James Stokoe. The interview was a blast and we have all kinds of surprise visitors that show up. Please keep in mind that the interview was done at 1230 in the morning. His Orc Stain collection is getting all kinds of love and is a wonderful read. Be sure to check out his Wonton Soup collections from Oni Press as well.

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6 Responses to James Stokoe

  1. Dude…Kanye West is a genius. So is James Stokoe.

  2. chrisfrench says:

    wtf how many comics that should have been on line that stokoe should put up there should be a bros un written law about that your breaking rules here

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  5. Jarrett Duncan says:

    Anything happening with that Sullivan’s Sluggers GN that Stokoe was drawing for Image?

    • Jaywalkingly@gmail.com says:

      There was a kickstarter with backer exclusive rewards but the guy he was doing it with (Mark Andrew Smith I think?) starting acting shady and making more for other people to make more money. It wasn’t a great scene and Stokoe distanced himself from the whole thing.

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