Jeffrey Brown

With many fine thanx to the fine folks of Fantagraphics, Colin and I were able to an interview with one comix biggest young names coming out of Chicago, Jeffrey Brown. Jeffrey Brown was a great guest with some interesting insites about his work and has big fan from in this interviewer. The Girlfriend trilogy, Clumsy, Unlikely and AEIOU, are some the most interesting books that I have read in the last couple of years. Jeffrey has a talent for storytelling, that sucks the reader in and keeps you reading in one sitting, until you finish it. The reason I call Jeffrey Brown the king of anthologies, is that even though his books have been released by Top Shelf Comix, he has some thing in anthologies by almost every small press publisher out there. Most importantly was a focus on the Mome anthology published by Fantagraphics. Its a fun interview with some great music.

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