Joe Sacco

I don’t think Inkstuds listeners really need to be told much about Joe Sacco. His work in regards to Palestine and the Bosnian War have both been revealingly informative and touchstones in Comics Journalism. Joe and I discussed his latest book, Footnotes in Gaza in advance of his trip to Toronto next week for a talk at the University of Toronto. If you are in town, go check it out and don’t miss out on a unique chance to see him in person.

As well, Fantagraphics just released a special edition of Safe Area Gorazde.

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  2. Matt D. says:

    Great interview, Robin. I’m (sorta) glad to hear he was a bit off when you last chatted with him for the show. At the time, he didn’t seem very pleasant; Now it comes to light there was something else going on re: another interview at that time. He seemed much more fun and engaging in this interview!

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