John Stanley Talk

Jeet Heer, Frank Young and Gail Singer joined me for a lively chat about the work of John Stanley. We had some some technical difficulties, but the three guests really pulled together a great conversation. For more on John Stanley, check out Frank’s incredible blog Stanley Stories. And of course, the wonderful John Stanley Library from Drawn and Quarterly – Melvin The Monster, Thirteen Going On Eighteen and Nancy as well as Dark Horse’s Little Lulu collections.

Here are some great follow up points from Jeet.

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  2. Paul Tumey says:

    Very entertaining discussion. I am thrilled to see Stanley’s work getting some attention. All of your guests had thoughtful and informed insights to offer, including my friend and fellow comics scholar, Frank Young. If you ever run a discussion on Jack Cole (with whom there is a very definite connection with Harvey Kurtzman, by the way), I might have something slightly worthwhile to contribute. Thanks for doing this. Way cool.

  3. Matt says:

    I would LOVE to hear a discussion about Jack Cole!

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