B.ü.L.b Comix with Mathieu Christe

Mathieu Christe is one half of the Geneva comix publisher, B.ü.L.b comix. They produce some amazing artifacts that feature an amazing array of international creators, from Mat Brinkman and Charles Burns to Nicolas Mahler and François Avril.

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5 Responses to B.ü.L.b Comix with Mathieu Christe

  1. Antek says:

    Comic book folding dinner parties are the way of the future… brilliant!
    But whats a comics skate board? I to google but had no luck unless I miss heard?

    thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Dear Antek, here’s a link to the special book we published on the occasion of Nicolas Robel’s Limbo exhibition: http://www.bulbfactory.ch/comix/collection.php?b=126#book It’s a printed skateboard deck with illustrations. It’s not really a comic, more likely a hint to the themes of the exhibition.

  3. Dear Aron, the word “accordion” refers to the italian one “leporello”, a folded strip of paper. This is how a 2w mini comic book is produced. If you visit this page, scroll down for pictures, you’ll understand better: http://www.bulbfactory.ch/comix/collection.php?b=125#book

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