Pat Grant

Australian cartoonist Pat Grant joined me for a nice and thorough discussion of his book, Blue. Pat has been doing some really great theory work with his comics, understanding the narrative tradition he is working in.

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  1. Awesome interview and really interesting would love to read Pat’s thesis when it’s done. What were the songs played during this podcast and is there a way of finding the track names on your webpage!

  2. Carrie says:

    I loved this interview. Australian race riots, Floridian comix camps, elopements: who knew?

    Can’t wait to read Blue.

  3. Sid Clark says:

    I prefer my Australians as bone-headed rednecks a la “Romper Stomper”, thank you very much.

    I think there’s quite a clear and distinct line between being racially hateful and having racial chauvinism. the Mega-machine doesn’t care what kind of culture it crams down people’s throats and it doesn’t care about any friction caused by shifting big segments of its slave population around. (yeah, I know I’m being a little over-dramatic)

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