Retail talk with Dustin Harbin and Christopher Butcher

Christopher Butcher of The Beguiling comic store in Toronto and Dustin Harbin from Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find out of Charlot, North Carolina, joined me for a discussion on comics retailing. There were two talking points that we covered, firstly, a talk on getting small press work into comic stores and the second part looked at the changing dynamics of the retailing biz. They are both very knowledgeable about comics retailing and bring countless years of experience to the table.

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5 Responses to Retail talk with Dustin Harbin and Christopher Butcher

  1. LOOKA says:

    All that’s left to say is: YESS!

    Cool show, I liked the tales of retailing they provided.
    Having Dustin on like that (talking retail…) also leaves the chance of a second appearance as CARTOONIST. Here’s hoping.

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  3. Hey, thanks so much for the opportunity Robin! It was great talking to you.


    – Christopher

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  5. Sarah says:

    I love comics! Great audio…I would love to see more comics in stores out there. I came across a awesome article about the importance of marketing within business and retail,, hope you find it valuable!


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