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Here is the audio results of the panel I was a part of at TCAF. I was joined by my fellow nerds, Robert Dayton, Frank Santoro, Dash Shaw and Dustin Harbin for a discussion on mainstream comics and the influence that they have had on alternative comics. It’s not the most focused panel, but we had fun and got some good discussions going with the audience. The idea that Frank and I had going into this, is to look at comics in the context of a literary tradition and to create an understanding of how comics of a continuum of influences. I guess my big thing right now, is that in some way’s there can be a revisionist look at influences, that seems to recognize work that may be more appealing now, or cool, but does not hold the same power that something less modern and currently aesthetically popular would.

It starts out about a minute into it, with Frank Santoro well into a rant about his love of Jack Kirby. Some of the audio from the audience is hard to hear, I tried to make it as loud in parts as I could, but somethings are impossible. I have added some images below, and will add more later, that reflect the panel.

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  1. Looka says:

    A set of guys that draw, look and sound handsome. Damn you all!

  2. Looka says:

    I listened to it in full now and have to say you really crossed some very good and interesting points. The bit about the perception that mainstream journalism now has of GN’s and how that only slowly seems to point direction to say, more classic Comics was very good to hear about.

    On another note I’m glad there are some peolpe who enjoy that old grubby, floppy book kind of stuff still.

    Great talk guys!

  3. POL says:

    Most of their complains can be solved by learning Spanish and reading people like Roman Gubern or Javier Coma who were saying pretty amazing stuff waaaaay back in the 70’s and 80’s… oh but that would mean they might have to acknowledge the fact that there are comics outside of the american mindframe. That’s a shame…

    • inkstuds says:

      I think the reason we were focused primarily on North American work, was based on the literary tradition we were covering. We also didn’t discuss EC comics from the 50s or underground comics.

      Be careful slinging accusations that we are not be mindful of the international scope of comix. most of us are very aware, it was just not apropos to our conversation at that point.

  4. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Hi Robin,
    I really enjoyed this panel and enjoy Inkstuds in general.

    What were the Moebius reprints that you say should be avoided because of the colouring? I recently saw a Moebius doco and would like to read him again. I own the Marvel Epic Ilustrated editions from the eighties (?) so I was just curious.

    • inkstuds says:

      Hey Andrew, stay away from the the Incal reprints that just came out from humanoids. they are horribly computer coloured.

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  6. CLC says:

    This linky no worky anymore… (says File Not Found)

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