Eddie Campbell on Comics as a Form of Media

Here is my conversation with Eddie Campbell, about comics as a form of media. I think you will be Surprised by what Eddie has to say.

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5 Responses to Eddie Campbell on Comics as a Form of Media

  1. He was definitely one of my favourite parts of that show, I really like some of the points he made.

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  3. David says:

    He seems to get funnier and funnier the more misanthropic he gets, I could listen to him ramble on all day. The thoughts of Eddie.

    Some of what he said made sense but really it was the voice of someone not that interested and pretty subjective, but as I said very funny and of course he is a great comic book artist.

    I just hope he doesn’t go all right wing like Peter Bagge is slowly but surely going.

  4. David says:

    Hmm dunno sure he always had that conservative edge, I guess thats why I gave up on Hate around issue 5 I think. that and the fact it was essentially becoming a soap opera, though really good!… dont get me wrong.

    but very rational and reasoned those few things I’ve seen on line that he does for Reason and others, the ideology is creeping across very loud & proud. I mean I would be horrified to be associated that magazine really, its pretty shady.

    anyway rant over

    cheers Inkstuds!

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