TCAF Panel

Here is the audio results of the panel I was a part of at TCAF. I was joined by my fellow nerds, Robert Dayton, Frank Santoro, Dash Shaw and Dustin Harbin for a discussion on mainstream comics and the influence that they have had on alternative comics. It’s not the most focused panel, but we had fun and got some good discussions going with the audience. The idea that Frank and I had going into this, is to look at comics in the context of a literary tradition and to create an understanding of how comics of a continuum of influences. I guess my big thing right now, is that in some way’s there can be a revisionist look at influences, that seems to recognize work that may be more appealing now, or cool, but does not hold the same power that something less modern and currently aesthetically popular would.

It starts out about a minute into it, with Frank Santoro well into a rant about his love of Jack Kirby. Some of the audio from the audience is hard to hear, I tried to make it as loud in parts as I could, but somethings are impossible. I have added some images below, and will add more later, that reflect the panel.

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