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Inkstuds is Citr’s answer to the wonderful world of comix. Hosted by Robin McConnell and rotated cast of sidekicks, Inkstuds explores the underbelly of the comic world, interviewing some of today’s top creators. Inkstuds focuses on underground and indy comix from publishers like Fantagraphics, Top Shelf, Drawn and Quarterly and more. Each week, we interview a different creator to get their unique perspective on comix and discuss thier own interesting and upcoming works. No creator too big or too small to be interviewed. The talent interviewed, ranges from the legends of alternative comix, to some kid who has only put out a couple of mini’s, all with something new and interesting to share to the reading public.

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  1. Benjamin Tiede says:

    hey Robin,

    Great show! i love every interview! keep em coming and I will continue to support!

  2. St. Alexander says:

    I followed the post Nate Powell made on Facebook about his interview on here. Oddly enough I found that most of the comic book folks I’ve “friended” on Facebook have interviews here as well. Nate will always be my favorite, but I must say, as far as quality folks to interview goes, the absence of Kevin Huizenga, Cristy C. Road, & Dame Darcy is regrettable (to say the least). James O’Barr should have a bit of space on here as well. If it weren’t for him I might have never sought out indie comics (then again, if I hadn’t read The Crow after the movie came out I probably could have avoided being absolutely miserable listening to Joy Division every single night afterwords… Or at least I would have had another 5 or 10 happy years before they came to the attention of the every day folks again).

    Sorry for rambling. Blame it on the Adderall.


  3. St. Alexander says:

    P.S…. I love that you have a mixtape section. To me, knowing what an artist/writer is listening to can give as much insight into their work as what they read, and most comic blogs I’ve come across don’t tend to stray much from the interviewing format already established by the mainstream press. So, thank you for that.

  4. Jared says:

    This show is awesome! I look forward to going through the archives. Thanks so much.

  5. Bryan says:

    Hey! I just discovered this site through Simon Hanselmann’s tumblr, and I’m currently going back and listening to every old episode you’ve uploaded. Thanks for doing such an awesome show!

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