William Cardini


Vortex cartoonist William Cardini joined me to talk about his comics work. William has an amazing loose style that takes his work into some really odd space and direction. I am especially enjoying his work on the great Study Group website. William will be at SPX launching a new comic with Yeah Dude Comics.

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  1. I was pretty nervous about the interview but friends have assured me that it sounds fine. There were a few things that I realized afterwards I should’ve mentioned:
    • José-Luis’ last name is Olivares.
    • The friend I’m doing the final Sparkplug Books Kickstarter painting for is also a cartoonist, Jason Poland. He does the webcomic Robbie and Bobby.
    • My performance art professor Mike Smith told me about chalk talks, which combine comics and theater. The performer tells a story or joke using drawings done quickly on newsprint pads or erased and altered on a chalkboard. I did a few of those in Mike’s classes.
    • My interest in psychedelia probably stems from my anxiety disorder. My reality is already distorted compared to most people’s perceptions. The constant battling and transformations in the Hyperverse is a manifestation of my persistent worries.
    • I’m not sure what show I’ll attend after SPX, but I contributed a six-page comic to Future Shock Zero and writing to Speculative Modern Dinosaur Quarterly, both edited by Josh Burggraf and both debuting at CAB.

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