Jen Vaughn


Friend of the inkstuds, Jen Vaughn traveled up to Vancouver for a live appearance on the show. You can find Jen’s work in Cartozia, which is currently seeking funding on kickstarter. Jen’s latest solo work is Avery Fatbottom: Renaissance Fair Detective available on comixology.

This episode was cohosted by Brandon Graham.

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2 Responses to Jen Vaughn

  1. The Blow! I lurve the Blow. I used to have the vinyl for I think concussive caress…Early 2000s K Records was like what I was doing in the early 2000s in college. It was like that…and Lil Jon records. Weird times.

  2. Werner says:

    Yep – still loving inkstuds. Thanks for providing aural pleasure. And Brandon can be the cohost anytime. Good times.

    cheers from Switzerland

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