Paul Mavrides


In celebration of the complete Zap collection and release of issue 17, Paul Mavrides joined me to discuss his varied comic work. Paul’s work can be found not only in the more recent issues of Zap, but also in the comic posted above, Cover Up Lowdown, Co-Editing the fantastic Anarchy Comics series with Jay Kinney. As an early member in the Church of the Subgenius, you can see his visual sensibilities throughout, especially in the book Revelation X.

Paul also led a court case against the state of California to repeal an extremely damaging tax levy that would hit cartoonists hardest.

Paul continues to be active, most recently with this series of paintings.


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  1. Neal says:

    It’s cool to contemplate how these comic titans have shaped the form of comics. speaking of which I had an interaction with Gary Panter recently that was really fascinating

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